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Sustainable gardening helps grow strong crops

Sustainable Gardening Supplies

If you’re searching for gardening solutions that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and help keep your garden looking its best, browse our selection of sustainable gardening supplies.

We pride ourselves in sourcing the best sustainable products from eco conscious companies that are pioneering their supply chains, to minimise their impact on the environment - importantly all of our products are Peat Free and eliminate the use of non recyclable plastics 


We understand the importance of balancing sustainability with producing great results. There is no need to compromise on productivity in your garden, allotment or small holding, but it is important to consider making ethical choices about the goods you purchase.


Our sustainable shop brings together innovative and ethically sourced products from across the Green Supply chain.  We offer products that have solid environmental credentials and those that contain minimal packaging and carbon footprint in their production.  We want to provide choice without compromising on performance or price.

Buy Sustainable Gardening Supplies 

Sustainable gardening at home

Sustainable Pest Control For Your Garden

Terra-Slug is our amazing sustainable solution to preventing those pesky slugs and snails from eating your prize winning veg! 


Made from sheep wool, these pellets act as a natural deterrent to slugs and snails because the wool fibres irritate the gastropod’s foot and the slight salinity in the sheep's wool is a powerful deterrent. You simply sprinkle a handful of the sheep wool pellets around the base of your plant or flower bed and let nature take care of the rest.


The sheep wool used in our Terra-Slug pellets is 100% British and sourced from hardworking British sheep farmers, so it has a very low carbon footprint. The wool we buy is not suitable for making clothes or carpets and is often discarded or burnt on the farm. 


We make the pellets ourselves in our small factory in Buckinghamshire and send them to you in sustainable, compostable packaging. 


These slug and snail pellets are free from harmful chemicals so they won’t harm any insects or the slugs and snails who simply move on to another area because they don’t like to travel across the impenetrable wool barrier  ‘It doesn't hurt them, they just don't like it!’


Terra -Slug is also great for your plants, it contains natural slow-release nutrients that work to improve the condition of your soil. The pellets create a robust mulch effect that acts as a natural weed suppressant.  

Sustainable gardening supplies for your allotment

Sustainable Plant Feed

Super-Grow ,Sustainable Multi Purpose peat free, slow release Plant Feed.


Super-Grow is our multipurpose plant feed made from renewable energy production - it is made using digested plant matter including maize, grass and other sustainably sourced organic materials. We process the raw material at our small factory in Buckinghamshire and turn it into high grade pellets that you can sprinkle on your flower beds, vegetables, indoor plants, hanging baskets and pots to make your plants grow stronger, faster and produce more flowers or crops. 


These multipurpose plant feed pellets are peat free and offer a 100% natural solution for your garden, allotment or small holding. We send them to you in compostable packaging so the carbon footprint is minimal and because Super-grow is made from plants, the pellets are free from artificial chemicals and leave the soil in better condition for future generations. 


Our customers use Super-Grow for all flowers, fruits, vegetables and even houseplants. They are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) as well as many micronutrients so your plants will be very happy and you will be able to enjoy the results. 

SuperGrow is a sustainable gardening product

What Our Customers Say...

"I have a very large allotment and in the past I have tried all manners of fertilisers from chicken pellets, to horse manure, fish blood and bones, and also seaweed in different forms.

I came across this product only by chance. I decided to try it for the company's ethos and an advertised help to the environment. I ordered the first box and it arrived promptly within 48 hrs. I have applied the pellets immediately and I have also added some seaweed, once a week to balance all minerals. I have attached photos before and after and within 2 weeks apart.

We have had two lots of stormy rain in the past week and after each rain, the growth was a few inches and so is the lushness and fullness of the leaves. Amazing results. I shall post photos of the crops, once they are ready. Meanwhile, if you are about to help your plants, this is a highly recommended product and above all excellent customer service and company's ethos. Plus the pellets are made from plants for plants and without any chemicals."


Suzanne T

Sustainable gardening supplies for your vegetable patch

Share Your Sustainable Gardening Ideas

Our  product range is constantly evolving as we uncover new sustainable gardening solutions and other products, but we are also keen to feature other sustainable products on our website. If you produce a sustainable product for the garden or you know a company that is developing great things in the sustainable gardening industry, please get in touch, we would love to hear about them. 


We also regularly feature sustainable gardening tips and ideas on our social media and in our blog, so if you have a fantastic idea for how to garden more sustainably, please tell us and we will share your ideas with our followers.

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