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Holding Soil
"People can achieve great things. And the next 10 years presents us with one of our greatest tests, a decade of change to repair the earth" 
HRH Prince William 

About Us

Sustainable Innovations source the highest quality British raw materials and transform them into 100% natural and ecologically friendly products and help other individuals and organisations to do the same.


We pride ourselves on making a positive impact to our planet for future generations with our products and our pelleting solutions, because global challenges require Sustainable Innovations.

Our Story

As a committed group of environmentalists, we have always been conscious of the effects we, as a society, are having on our planet. We have always tried to repurpose, reuse and recycle everything possible. We grow our own vegetables on the farm using the manure from our animals to help improve the soil, we burn woodchip to heat the house and harvest rain water. Nothing is wasted as everything has value.

In 2015 we started to look at ways we could develop useful products using normally undervalued resources from agriculture, food production and industry.  Using these 'wastes' where we can to minimise landfill and resource inefficiency.  We are committed to a greener future for our children and the planet.

We're extremely focused on better use of resources to reduce or eliminate peat from horticultural and domestic growing products. Peat bogs are one of the most important, delicate but over-exploited habitats in the world and we feel there are alternatives that we can source and make into convenient and ecologically friendly products. 


​We developed our own product - ‘Super-Grow’ - in our bid to tackle this and are constantly researching and developing new ways to produce sustainable fuels, feeds and fertilisers. But we didn’t just stop there. We want to help as many people and businesses as possible to harness the power of their waste products and turn them into a valuable resource for people and planet, that’s why we share our expertise with the wider community, offering a consultation service to people and organisations that want to make their own pellets, selling the machinery that allows them to turn waste into usable pellets and offering contract pelleting for large scale production.

Our Ethos

Our success has been based on partnerships from the very beginning, we welcome collaboration in all forms. We have done extensive research and development to create some truly innovative new products and source and supply quality, fit for purpose pelleting equipment and solutions.

Many of our products are made with plants for plants but nothing in the production process goes to waste and all will be of the highest quality. ​We aim to be sustainable wherever possible through our services, products, packaging and our supply-chain.

Our Products & Services

We pride ourselves in not only producing quality sustainable products, but also providing the equipment and solutions for like minded organisations to do the same. We consult with a diverse array of organisations offering product feasibility studies, pelleting equipment and tailor-made solutions for transforming a wide range of materials into value added products.

Find out more about our services via the links below, our products are available in the our web shop.


Pelleting Equipment

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Contract Pelleting


Pelleting Trials

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