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Pelleting Machinery Sales

At Sustainable-Innovations we have partnered with the industry leading suppliers of pellet mills and pelleting equipment, offering our clients state of the art, quality built pelleting machinery with affordable pricing and above all exceptional customer after sales service.

Our Pelleting Machinery Partners 

100% Italian design and manufacture

Smartwood machines are entirely designed, developed and manufactured in Cuneo, Italy with premium quality materials. They produce functional and reliable pelleting machinery that is available in different models and they are suitable for both home and professional use.

Ongoing research and development 

Smartwood have been working in the pellet/biomass sector for 15 years and due to their experience, are able to develop and manufacture a high performance range of pellet mills and equipment for pellet production. 

Customer support and after sales service

Customer support is provided by both Smartwood and Sustainable Innovations through every step of the process from product testing, sales, delivery, installation and after sales service. With a fully stocked spares warehouse, spare parts for pelleting machinery are readily available with overnight shipping.


Smartwood machines are currently pelletising the following materials:

  •  sawdust

  •  wood dust (waste of cyclone)

  •  wood shavings

  •  small/medium-sized woodchip

  •  foliage

  •  olive and vine pruning

  •  rice husk

  •  corn cob

  •  hay and straw

  •  wastes from chestnut processing

  •  feed

  •  olive pomace

  •  farmyard manure


What customers say about Smartwood

PLT-100.... exceptional!

I bought a PLT-100 pellet machine several months ago and was immediately amazed by its design! It was immediately seen that it is built with the highest quality materials which I have had confirmation of in the months of use! They followed me and advised me at all stages and if I need they are always ready to arms with advice or the best solution!

Alberto - Padua

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Innovative pelleting machinery for a variety of materials

ECOKRAFT AG is a "GreenTech" company in the field of green and sustainable technologies based in beautiful Lower Bavaria. They are the world leader in planning, designing and manufacturing of innovative pelleting systems and processes for waste prevention and the recovery of valuable raw materials and energy sources.​

With many years of experience in the implementation of projects for the production of pellets from a variety of raw materials, they ensure low investment risk and high profitability.

Ecokraft key technoligies

ECOKRAFT has all key technologies such as shredding systems, material containers, pelleting systems, screening systems, conveyor belts, big bag storage systems and bagging systems, with which the entire pellet production, from biogenic starting material to valuable pellets, can be realized in the shortest possible time. In this way, reusable and valuable raw materials and products for various purposes, such as food, energy, animal feed / treats, bedding or fertilizer, can be produced from simple biomass, which is declared as non-recyclable materials, through conversion and mixing.

Plant solutions

ECOKRAFT have been developing plant solutions for small and medium-sized pelleting volumes from 150kg/h to 4t/h that are individually tailored to the needs of our customers since 2013, which makes them the German market leader for pelleting plants of this volume size. Their goal is to support companies, farmers and foresters as well as institutions and research facilities in converting their waste products into high-quality pellets in an ecologically and economically sensible manner and thus returning them to the economic cycle.


ECOKRAFT machines are currently pelletising the following materials:

  • hops 

  • various wood types

  • herbs, plants at stalks 

  • organic meadow hay 

  • fruit and vegetable pomace

  • husks

  • animal manures

  • sheep's wool 

  • fermentation residues

  • rock wool

  • recycled materials 

  • plastics


 Ecokraft references

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