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Pelleting Trials

Sustainable Innovations supply the means, expertise and experience to assist businesses to add value to undervalued materials and wastes which might cost to dispose . A large portion of our business is carrying out R&D pelleting trials, consulting and finding profitable markets through the physical transformation of a variety of undervalued materials for recycling, fuel, feed and fertiliser.

Contract Pelleting

Do you need a pelleting trial?

Do you have a product you wish to trial or a small pelleting feasibility study​? We offer testing and pelleting solutions for most materials, offering viability studies, throughput analysis and  accredited end product testing. 


We offer pelleting trials for:

  • Commercial enterprises

  • Manufacturers

  • Farmers

  • Growers

  • Academic institutions

  • Community projects

  • Small business owners

  • Research and development institutions

  • Waste disposal and recycling companies

Trialling pellets for different uses

Pelleting trials can provide valuable insights into the potential benefits and drawbacks of pelleting a product or waste material. Not every material can be pelleted, but most can with the right pre-treatment under the right compression be converted into a product that can minimise bulk, be easily stored, handled or transported and very often repurposed.   

We offer product pelleting trials for various applications: .


  • Recycling

  • Fertilisers

  • Biomass Fuels

  • Animal Feed & Treats

  • Animal Bedding

We can provide product analysis and testing services.  We support research and development into fuel, feed and fertiliser.  We have experience in pelleting a diverse array of materials.

Pelleting trials help you create the perfect pellets

The process of Pelleting Trials

  • We generally require up to 200kg of the material (depending on material)

  • We have the ability to dry material to the correct moisture content of around 10-15%

  • We cut material to its required size of sub 5mm before pelleting

  • We will test various dies to find the best compression for the desired outcome for the product.  ( Hard/ soft pellets) 

  • We will send the material for testing if required

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