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Pelleting Consultancy

Pelleting any by-product or waste you produce can add value as most waste/by products are worth more when condensed down.  It is cheaper and easier to transport them and pelleting certain products can increase their shelf life. 

We provide a pelleting consultancy service offering expert advice and guidance on specific issues or challenges relating to biomass and feed production. We can discuss ways to minimise commercial waste through the pelleting process. Our primary role is to analyse a client's problem or situation and provide recommendations on how to improve or solve it and advise on and supply the best equipment for the solution. 

We usually assist with the implementation of our recommendations, helping our clients to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and achieve their goals. We also provide training and support to the client's employees, as well as ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the solution is effective and sustainable.

Who can benefit from our pelleting consultancy service?

Our pelleting consultancy service is suitable for many enterprises and institutions and we have experience of working with a variety of clients including:

  • Commercial enterprises

  • Manufacturers

  • Farmers

  • Growers

  • Academic institutions

  • Community projects

  • Small business owners

  • Research and development institutions

  • Waste disposal and recycling companies


With our Pelleting Consultancy service we bring a fresh perspective and expert knowledge to help clients achieve their objectives and overcome challenges.

Pellet consultancy helps you get the right pellet consistency

What our clients say…

“As we develop our strategy for delivering net zero fertiliser products, Sustainable Innovations Ltd have been a reliable partner organisation for CCM. They have been consistently innovative and their product and technical knowledge have been part of our success in delivering low-emission fertilisers at scale as an alternative to conventional fertiliser”. 


CEO, CCM Technologies

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