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Feed Pellets

Animal feed pellets are a popular choice among farmers and pet owners alike. These small, compressed pellets are made by grinding up various types of grains, vegetables, and proteins, and then extruding them through a pelleting machine. The result is a convenient and easy-to-use form of animal feed that offers a number of benefits.  They are compressed under pressure which means they have a greater resistance to moisture compared to loose feed which means they have a longer shelf life.  They also take up less room when stored.

Key benefits of feed pellets

One of the main advantages of animal feed pellets is their convenience. Unlike loose feed, pellets are easy to measure and distribute. This means that farmers and pet owners alike can quickly and easily provide their animals with the right amount of nutrition, ensuring that they receive all of the vitamins, minerals, and protein they need to stay healthy.

Another benefit of animal feed pellets is their durability. Because they are compressed under high pressure, pellets are much more resistant to moisture and damage than loose feed. This means that they can be stored for long periods of time without spoiling, making them a great option for farmers who need to stock up on feed for the winter months.

In addition to their convenience and durability, animal feed pellets also offer a number of nutritional benefits. Pellets can be formulated with specific vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of different types of animals. For example, pellets for chickens might contain extra calcium to support strong eggshells, while pellets for horses might contain more protein to support muscle growth and development.

Animal feed pellets being produced

Who should use Feed pellets?

Feed pellets are an excellent choice for farmers and pet owners alike.  Due to animal feed pellets being such a convenient, durable, and nutritious form of animal feed, they are a great option for farmers and pet owners. 

With their ability to be stored for long periods of time and their ability to be formulated with specific nutrients, feed pellets are a versatile and essential part of many animal feeding programs.

Animal feed pellets are ideal for a wide range of animals including horses

Feed Pelleting Trials

We can provide product analysis and testing services to establish whether your waste/by-product is suitable for feed pelleting.  We support research and development into feed pellets.  We have experience in pelleting a diverse array of products.  


  • We usually need up to 200kg of the waste/by-product (depending on material)

  • We can dry a material to the correct level of moisture content which is in the region of 10-15%

  • We cut the product to the size required which is sub 5mm before pelleting

  • We will trial various dies to find the best compression for the desired result for the product.  ( Hard/ soft pellets) 

  • We can send the product for testing if required

Animal feed pellets are used for commercial farming

Feed Contract Pelleting

We can help you find a feed pelleting solution to suit your needs. We have a dedicated pellet line to offer production for bigger feasibility studies, end product testing and market trials.​ We provide a comprehensive product analysis and testing service to ensure your feed pellets are produced to the best standards.

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