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Contract Pelleting

Sustainable Innovations supply the means, expertise and experience to assist businesses to add value to their waste with the facility to contract pellet your material.

Contract Pelleting

Contract Pelleting Solutions

We have a dedicated pellet line to offer production for larger feasibility studies, end product testing and market trials.​ Our contract pelleting service includes:

  • Recycling and RDF from various waste applications

  • Fertilisers including animal wastes and digestate 

  • Biomass including wood, straw, hemp and certain recyclables

  • Mixed animal feed & treats

  • Animal litters and bedding

  • Fibre and other inorganic substances  


We offer a full product analysis and testing service to ensure your pellets are made to the highest standards.


We can help you find a pelleting solution to suit your needs. Discover our range of pelleting equipment which enables you to make your own pellets or briquettes in smaller quantities.

Surveying the contract pelleting

Our clients say...

“As we develop our strategy for delivering net zero fertiliser products, Sustainable Innovations Ltd have been a reliable partner organisation for CCm. They have been consistently innovative and their product and technical knowledge have been part of our success in delivering low-emission fertilisers at scale as an alternative to conventional fertiliser.”


CEO, CCM Technologies

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