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Pelleting Solutions

Sustainable Innovations offers industry leading equipment and pelleting solutions for large and small applications. We supply both off the shelf and engineered solutions to transform raw materials into value added products.


At Sustainable Innovations we have several years' experience working with the industry leaders in pelleting equipment and pelleting solutions and are the proud UK agent for Ecokraft Biomass Technology. We consult with diverse, small and large organisations offering solutions, equipment sales and support.

Contract Pelleting

Small-scale Pelleting Solutions

We offer pelleting solutions for complete beginners or experienced producers and can help you find pelleting equipment to suit your small-scale pelleting needs. We work with individuals who are keen to turn wood waste into fuel for a biomass boiler for example, but we also work with small businesses who want to turn undervalued and waste materials into a marketable product. 


If you are searching for pelleting solutions to create small batches of pellets from your waste material, get in touch to find out about the range of products we have available. We also offer a consultation service to help you get set up and guide you through the process of creating your first pellets. 

Pelleting Solutions

Commercial Pelleting Solutions

If you are a larger organisation looking for commercial pelleting solutions to turn your undervalued and waste materials into profit or looking to upgrade, we have large-scale pelleting equipment that will be more suited to your needs. We also offer an outsourced commercial pelleting solution where you can send us your material and we will turn it into pellets for you using our state of the art equipment and expertise.

Bespoke Pelleting Solutions

Along with our industry leading partners Sustainable Innovations offers full bespoke pelleting solutions designed around your business and requirements.


Our services include consultation, design, build, installation and full project management. We specialise in diverse pelleting solutions tailormade for your requirements.

  • Small space pelleting solutions including design and installation

  • Mobile or containerised pelleting solutions

  • Large output fully automated systems

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