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TERRA-SLUG-Slug and Snail Deterrent Pellets | Pest Control & Natural Fertiliser | Stops Slugs & Snails in their Tracks


  • 100% Natural – made from 100% British Sheep’s Wool 
  • Safe – chemical and pesticide-free 
  • An effective barrier against Slugs and Snails - The wool fibres irritate the gastropods’ foot and the salinity in the sheep's wool acts as a powerful deterrent 
  • Improves plant growth - Contains biologically derived slow-release nutrients to improve soil conditioning. 
  • Good for your plants – the pellets create an organic mulch, suppressing weeds and helping to retain moisture within the soil. 
  • Sustainable product and packaging – Sustainably sourced supporting British sheep farmers. We don’t use fancy packaging, just a great natural product in a labelled compostable bag. 



TERRA-SLUG - Stops Slugs & Snails in their Tracks!


Wool is a natural biodegradable protein fibre which releases nitrogen, potassium, sulphur and other trace elements essential for plant growth. The abrasive fibres of the wool pellets irritate the gastropods’ foot whilst the salinity of the sheep’s wool absorbs their moisture deterring them from travelling over the wool barrier. When spread over the surface of the soil or pot, the pellets create a natural mulch which keeps the surface dry whilst retaining the moisture beneath. This mulch has a UPF (ultraviolet penetration factor) of between 20 and 50, blocking out light to the soil and preventing weed growth beneath.


Suitable for all fruits, flowers, and vegetables and perfect for tubs and baskets.


For best results: Apply pellets in a 10 cm barrier around the plants and water lightly to activate. Store in a cool dry place.





Terra Slug -Sheep’s Wool Pellets - Eco Friendly Slug and Snail Deterrent

  • Ingredients: 100% Natural wool/organic matter

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