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Multipurpose Plant Feed Pellets

Super-Grow is 100% natural, peat & chemical-free fertiliser pellet which is rich in micronutrients

and made from a by-product of renewable power generation.

Super-Grow is made from maize which is harvested and fermented in an Anaerobic Digestion process

(the maize is starved of oxygen causing it to ferment and break down without the use of harmful chemicals).


Once the digestion process is finished the product it is separated into liquids and solids. The liquids are used

back on the original crops as fertiliser and the solids are sent into dryers using the power produced by the Anaerobic Digestion. Once the product is dried it goes into our pelleting process where our lovely Super-Grow pellets are made!


Super-Grow is a fantastic balanced all-around NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium) fertiliser pellet that has both fast and slow-release properties, it's slightly alkaline and therefore great for reducing plant growth

inhibition due to acid soils prevalent across the UK. 


One box of pellets has the same growing power as approximately three and a half bags of compost.

It’s a great all round product for use on all vegetables, trees, flowers shrubs and houseplants.  

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