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How to turn waste sawdust into a useful product

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

wood carvings turning waste sawdust into useful product

Calling all sawmill owners, carpenters, joiners, wheelwrights, boat builders, furniture makers and shop fitters. Do you generate a lot of sawdust? If so then you will know how challenging it can be to dispose of. It is cumbersome and messy and it also takes up a lot of room so it is difficult to transport and remove from site. Sawdust in its raw state does not carry much value. It is bulky and awkward to store so there are not many businesses or individuals who would be willing to pay for it. Often companies have to pay to have the product disposed of or will give it away for free.

If this all sounds familiar to you then read on for a game changing solution for your business. By investing in some pelleting equipment you could convert your sawdust into wood pellets or briquettes which have a huge variety of uses. You may think your business might generate enough pellets to potentially find a route to market for them but even if they are just for your personal use, you will still find that you could save money.

Why use wood pellets/briquettes

Wood pellets and briquettes made using sawdust are ecologically friendly as the sawdust they are made from is a waste/by product and would otherwise be disposed of. They can burn for longer than traditional logs and are easier to store as they take up so much less space. Wood pellets and briquettes are very versatile and have many different uses. Wood pellets can be used in stoves to heat homes and businesses or as animal bedding and litter. Briquettes can be used on barbecues and are cleaner than traditional barbecue fuel.

why use wood pellets man with saw

Using wood pellets/ briquettes in your wood burner or pellet stove

There is such a wide range of wood burners and pellet stoves available, whether your taste is for something classic and traditional or chic and contemporary. They are attractive and stylish, generating a cosy, warm environment in your home or business. If used correctly they have the potential to heat your whole house. Wood pellet stoves are usually around 80-90% efficient. They produce very little ash - as little as 2% or less of the volume of pellets burnt, therefore, they are a cleaner choice compared to coal or logs. Briquettes can burn for longer than traditional logs and are easier to store as they take up so much less space.

If you are hoping to sell pellets to the domestic market you would need to have regulations in place. Sustainable Innovations can give guidance on this.

Using wood pellets/ briquettes on your BBQ

The trend for al fresco cooking continues to grow all the time in the UK. More people than ever are embracing outdoor cooking and experimenting with new techniques and flavours. They may be cooking up a plant based feast or adopting the low and slow outdoor cooking technique. Some people take it really seriously and invest in outdoor kitchens and barbecue shacks which enable barbecues to become a year round activity. Certain wood pellets and briquettes are perfect fuel for barbecues and clearly there is plenty of demand for them. Wood pellets can help achieve smoky flavours and the pellets burn for longer than traditional barbecue fuel. Briquettes are also cleaner than traditional barbecue fuel. Even if you don’t look for a route to market to sell them, you could certainly save yourself some money by using them at home.

wood pellets and briquettes for bbq

Using wood pellets/ briquettes in your Pizza Oven

You cannot beat the quality, taste and experience of a delicious freshly made pizza. More and more people are discovering the joy of fresh pizza cooked on their very own patio. Wood pellet fueled pizza ovens such as the Ooni are affordable, take up little space and bring the family together as they share in the experience of cooking and eating pizzas al fresco. Some pizza ovens are even transportable too so they can be used for family gatherings in the great outdoors. A lot of wood pellets are perfect for using in these ovens. They are easy to store at home and cause very little mess.

Using wood pellets for animal bedding

Mucking out your mare needn't be a mare. Wood pellets can make excellent bedding for our four legged friends. This is because they absorb moisture really well. In fact they are significantly more absorbent than the majority of other animal bedding options. In addition, as they are formed under intense heat, wood pellets are hygienic as any bugs get killed off during manufacture. If they are being used for horse bedding, mucking out time can be reduced as wet patches of pellets can be removed without taking the whole bed apart. The pellets are easy to store in bulk and have a good shelf life as most of the moisture content is removed as part of the pelletising process.

animal bedding wood pellets for rabbits

Using wood pellets for cat litter

We are a nation of cat lovers but our furry friends can be quite costly and their cat litter can be really pongy! Wood pellets are great for use as cat litter. They absorb moisture quickly and effectively and naturally neutralise odours. If they are made from pine sawdust they have a natural pine smell too. They are also low in dust content and 100% biodegradable.

Wood pellets can be used for other small mammals, birds, poultry, rodents and reptiles too.


At Sustainable Innovations, we offer pelleting machinery and a consultancy service so we can discuss the type of wood you might like to consider pelleting and which uses would be most suitable for the pellets that can be produced. You can then start making your own pellets or begin developing your own products.

Wood pellet and briquette machinery

Sustainable Innovations have partnered with the industry leading suppliers of pelleting equipment and pellet mills, providing our clients with state of the art, quality built pelleting machinery at affordable price points.

Smartwood machines are designed, developed and manufactured in Italy with premium quality materials. They make practical and reliable pelleting equipment that is available in different models. Their equipment is suitable for both home and professional use and is ideal for wood pelletisation.

Ecokraft are the world leader in the planning, designing and production of innovative pelleting systems and processes for the prevention of waste and the recovery of energy sources and valuable raw materials. Ecokraft supply machinery and equipment which is suitable for large or small businesses and those looking to pelletise sawdust.

Falach briquetters are an excellent and affordable option if you are interested in making briquettes. You could invest in a Falach Cube 20 which is one of our most popular products as it is convenient and easy to use.

You may decide a bigger piece of equipment is more suitable for your company’s needs - bigger machinery tends to produce pellets at greater speed so especially if you are producing hardwood sawdust, this might be a better option as hardwood is slower to pelletise. Don’t forget you can also pelletise other waste/by-product in your pellet machinery.

wood pellets fly out of machine

Start saving money now - next steps to making your pellets

If you would like to learn more about pelletising your sawdust or other waste products, do get in touch so we can discuss our equipment in greater detail. We also provide large-scale contract pelleting solutions for organisations that produce wastes or undervalued materials and prefer to completely outsource the production of pellets. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your needs and how we can support you.

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